Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Color of Magic

by Terry Pratchett (read June 2006)
This is the first of many books in the Discworld series; the 2nd one I've read. Magic was enjoyable, and very cleverly written. Rincewind, is a wizard school dropout who is assigned to protect and act as tour guide for Twoflower, who comes to Ankh-Morpork with luggage (that walks) filled with gold. The gold, rather the greed it inspires, brings them into many dangerous experiences. I'd rate this book 4.

This 1st quote is just plain cute:
The spell chose that moment to vault into the temporarily abandoned saddle of Rincewind's consciousness.

Oh, heck! I can't find the last quote. Thought I'd just memorize the page. If it comes to me, I'll enter it here. Let me just say it was a good one!

The other Pratchett novel I've read that I highly recommend is Mort.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


by Terry Pratchett (read Pre-2003)
Another quirky fun book. The main character, Death, is feeling pressured from the demands of his job. He takes on a lanky teenaged apprentice named Mort. It's interesting to learn the ins and outs of the job along with Mort. The problem comes when Mort falls in love with a princess and decides not to 'take her' when her time comes. Of course, that messes with the ?reality? of Discworld. Meanwhile, while Mort covers his responsibilities, Death takes a vacation to discover what LIFE is really all about. The love triangle that develops between Death's daughter, Mort and the princess just adds another layer of depth and wackiness. I LOVED this book and am considering putting it on my reread list.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lost in a Good Book (#2 in the Thursday Next series)

by Jasper Fforde (read Feb 2006)
Totally whacky, funny, and imaginative! Thursday Next, our heroine, works for Special Operations in the literary section. The story takes place in an alternative 1985 England where literature is highly regarded. Thursday's husband is eradicated, which means he doesn't exist. In this case the eradicator left Thursday with Parke-Lane's memory as a means of torment. He also wants to bargain with Thursday--a return of her husband if she will release his partner from the pages of Poe's "The Raven".

This was my favorite of the 3 I've read so far in the series. At this time there are only 3, but I think more will be coming. I don't think this is a book for everyone, but if you're a little quirky, you probably will enjoy this one.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Well of Lost Plots (#3 in the Thursday Next series)

by Jasper Fforde (read Mar 2003)
This is book 3 in the Thursday Next sereis. I definitely like Lost in a Good Book the best of the three.


by Orson Scott Card (read pre-Jan 2003) This may be as much fantasy as sci-fi. A modern 'prince' mysteriously finds himself in a medieval forest starring at a sleeping princess. I was enchanted by this novel ! I recommended this book to my husband who was surprised that I liked a book with a man running naked through a forest. What he must think of me?!

Eyre Affair (#1 in the Thursday Next series)

by Jasper Fforde (read Feb 2006)
What a fun premise: The bad guy, Acheron Hades, steals characters from original manuscripts of some of the best-loved classics and that changes every future printing of the book. It's up to Thursday Next to rescue Jane Eyre and get her back into the book. Thursday works for the Literary Division of the Special Operations Network. This is a quirk book with lots of laughs and a great mystery. I think anyone who's quirky will enjoy it. There are 3 more books in the Thursday Next series. I liked Lost in a Good Book even better than the Eyre Affair and am still looking forward to reading The Well of Lost Plots and Something Rotten.

Ender's Game

by Orson Scott Card (read pre-Jan 2003)
I enjoyed the first in this series, but stopped after the 2nd.

Pawn of Prophecy Series

by David Eddings (read Oct & Nov 2003)
A student recommended this book. When I asked if it was a series he ducked the question and said there were lots of books that went along with it, but I wouldn't need to read any further than the first one. I should have seen it coming! I stopped after the 5th or so that were actually in the series. Very enjoyable.

The books in this series are:
1. Pawn of Prophecy - An apostate steals the Orb and is taking it to the evil god who sleeps. With the orb the evil god will awaken and rule the earth. A meek farm boy, Garrion is taken by his Aunt Pol and the old storyteller in search of the Orb.
2. Queen of Sorcery - Garrion learns who his aunt Pol and the storyteller really are. We are introduced to a spoil princess who has to travel with the group.
3. Magician's Gambit -
4. Castle of Wizardry - The quest for the Orb continues so it can be returned to the Rwan King's sword.
5. Enchanter's End Game -