Friday, April 21, 2006

Pawn of Prophecy Series

by David Eddings (read Oct & Nov 2003)
A student recommended this book. When I asked if it was a series he ducked the question and said there were lots of books that went along with it, but I wouldn't need to read any further than the first one. I should have seen it coming! I stopped after the 5th or so that were actually in the series. Very enjoyable.

The books in this series are:
1. Pawn of Prophecy - An apostate steals the Orb and is taking it to the evil god who sleeps. With the orb the evil god will awaken and rule the earth. A meek farm boy, Garrion is taken by his Aunt Pol and the old storyteller in search of the Orb.
2. Queen of Sorcery - Garrion learns who his aunt Pol and the storyteller really are. We are introduced to a spoil princess who has to travel with the group.
3. Magician's Gambit -
4. Castle of Wizardry - The quest for the Orb continues so it can be returned to the Rwan King's sword.
5. Enchanter's End Game -